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Eobody1 user's manual (English)
eobody1 manuel de l'utilisateur
eobody 2 HF v1.2 manual manual for eobody HF 1.2
Eobody2 OEM Board ConnectionsEobody2 OEM Board Connections (English)
Eobody2 OEM Board Cāblage et connexionsEobody2 OEM Board (franēais) Cāblage et connexions
FootControl manualFootControl quick manual
Eobody2 USB8 SensorBox manual (English)
Eobody3 manual (USB8/USB8M/USB16/USB16M)
Eobody3 OEM board v2 manual
Eowave Ribbon Manual v1
Manuel Eowave Ribbon v1 Franēais
Test presse du Ribbon par KR


2D Gforce sensor
Light sensor
Movement sensor
Position Sensor
Pressure sensor
Eobody2 usb8 SensorBox
Eobody2 usb8 SensorBox (fran?ais)
Eobody2 usb8M SensorBox (English)
Eobody2 usb8M SensorBox (fran?ais)
distance sensor IR
Eowave Eobody2 Universal Board
3D Gforce
Position sensor datasheet
Eowave USB FootControl

audio demos

Filterbug demo 1
Filterbug demo 2
sci fi bug demo 1
scifi bug demo 2
sci fi bug demo 3
sci fi bug demo 4
filterbug 3 demo
filterbug 4 demo
ringo bug demo 1
ringo bug demo 2
ringo bug 3 demo
ring o bug 4 demo
ring o bug 5 demo
ring o bug 6 demo
space bug demo 1
space bug demo 2
space bug demo 3
space bug demo 4


eobody1 editor 1.2Mac/PC
eobody 1 editor for Max 4.6 Mac & PCeobody 1 editor for Max 4.6 Mac & PC should work for all new macs
eobody2_editor beta 4Mac, PC, MacIntel compatible. If you are not using Max/MSP, you may first download Max/MSP player at www.cycling74.com (it's free).
eobody HF editorbeta version of the eobody HF editor
Eobody2 Universal Board Editor (Max5)Mac/PC editor for Eobody2 Universal Board (Max5 compatible)
eobody 2 editor for Max 5 max/pclatest eobody editor collective for Max5
FootControl editorFootControl editor (Max5 compatible with Max5 runtime)
isynth 1.2 demosorry only OS9

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